About us


World is changing, we share love and challenge with other individuals on this planet of sufficiency. Although it is hard to change the climbing population density, still we can make ways to shrink mental distance ignored long ago. 

We aim at establishing pet industry roll model which is also the guidebook of pet-human relationship, like a bridge links up all our customers and end users.

  • Vision

    To Be the Most Respected Pet Company in Global Market

  • Goal

    Provide the world first-class pet food.

  • Strategy

    Two Benefits (Retailer's Benefit and Consumer's Benefit)

  • Value

    Integrity based,Customer first

  • Mission

    To Provide the Most Trustworthy Pet Products and Service to Global Market


As a model for global ecological environment, Northern Europe has a reputation of “heaven valley”, sky and sea here are crystal blue, air is filled with sweet smell, and every creature here grows purely and healthily with the nutrients given by nature.In 1990, Jerry Xu, the founder of Bridge PetCare, set foot in Norway in pursuit of his education. It was the first Christmas day after his arrival to Norway, Jerry shared the food with landlord Tefre at the dinner table. Near the end of dinner, Jerry wanted to share the leftover with host’s pet, a miniature schnauzer, but stopped by kind Tefre, he said: “Food for human contains many spices, which are bad to dog’s health. Do you want to serve your child with leftover? We have healthy dog food in scientific proportion for puppy.”

When pets have health problems or much pain and suffering, every pet owners will deeply affected. And pets also hope their family (owners) can keep a good mood. Today, the concept of health changed rapidly. While we promote our happiness, and we still can not ignore to bulid a better life for pets.

How to bring a real pure love to your pets? Why the pet food do not combine with the extensive and profound Eastern dietary? In addition to conditioning different health problems inside out, it can also raise the ordinary diet concept which is only focus on accurate nutrition to a new level.

Love pet as your kid and never care about return. Take the Nordic natural concept into the Oriental conditioning diet, this unique recipe bring well-being to pets, but also let pets have the long and joyful life with owners.

Bridge PetCare is willing to become every pet owner’s close relative, create health pet food to your beloved pet and advocate the concept of ”lover pets as the family’’ which is the new pet life style and advocated by the founder Mr. Xu.


Company Profile

Founded in March, 2002, NatureBridgeis a Sino-Norway joint venture with more than 600 employees. 

Bridge PetCarespecialized in pet food R&D, production and sales, became the sales leader in the pet food’s professional market. Our goal is becoming the premium pet food brand of the world. 

The corporate headquarters is located in Hongqiao District. Shanghai NatureBridge, covering an area of 50,000 square meters. 

Shandong Kitchen Flavor production base, which covers an area of 70,000 square meters, is committed to expand domestic supermarket and breeding channel.