Our holistic approach to well-being provides pets with natural delicious products that stimulate their inner energy. 

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Brand Strength

● German technology is imported

● To be the General agent in China.

● Company headquartered in Shanghai, Hongqiao business area 

● 10 countries are covered currently


Terminal Display in Europe

Terminal Display in Europe

Product Feature

● High content meat protein.

● Unique mix of beneficial herbs.

● First ingredients is dried meat.

● No added Grain, Gluten, Beef, Milk Products, Soy.

● 17 SKUs with different recipes for cats and dogs.


Media & Terminal Display

Published in Many Outstanding Pet Magazines

● Holland《Hund & Fritid》《DIEBEVO》《Pet International》

● Germany《PET》《ZZA》

● Austria《Cats & Pets》

● Belgium《Tom & Co》

● Norway《Pet Scandinavia》

Participated in Professional Pet Fairs

● French Paris Expo

● Saint Pete Pet Fair

● Norway Pet Expo

Global Professional Pet Fair

Global Professional Pet Fair